Andrew, a 57-year old client, ran a successful real estate agency in Sydney when he suffered a major heart attack.

Andrew had told the team at Lambert Group that he wanted to ensure that if something happened to him, his wife and children were secure in the future.

Calling on his trauma insurance Andrew received $1,000,000 which enabled him to pay off the family home, and his investment property.

Insurance can help make a bleak future brighter
An insurance policy is a promise that sits in your bottom drawer; hopefully you never need to call on that promise. However; as this Lambert Group client story shows, when you do need to make that call, it can help make a difference to what might otherwise be a bleak unknown future.

If you are not sure if you have enough insurance cover give us a call and let’s go through it together.

*All of these cases are clients of Lambert Group with some names and locations changed to protect the individual client’s privacy.