Suffering a life-threatening illness is devasting for everyone concerned. However, finding out that your insurance covers you for that illness relieves some of the pressure of additional health costs and loss of income. While receiving that cover quickly and effortlessly helps in an already high stressed situation.

In the case of Jan and Mark this is exactly what happened.

Jan and Mark first took up a critical illness and trauma insurance policy when they were in their 30s. Time went by, and they had no need to call on their policy, although always knew it was there for a future eventuality.

Now in their early 60’s Mark was diagnosed with Polycythaemia Vera, bone marrow cancer.

Jan rang her contact at Lambert Group unsure if their current insurance would cover Mark’s situation. Clearly under some stress her words to us were, “are we covered by insurance?”. Although saddened by Jan’s news, we were pleased to be able to confirm that Mark’s condition was covered, and arranged immediately to send her the claim forms that Mark needed to fill in. 

It is never good news to hear that a client is ill or suffering trauma however it is our job to ensure that when a client is under stress, and unsure of their next steps, we can guide them quickly and efficiently.

The good news was that Mark received a $50,000 payout within a week of putting the claim forward. He and Jan were relieved to know that while Mark goes through a long period of treatment there are funds to cover his medical bills.

We suggest our clients review their insurance at key stages in their life. Often this links to starting a family, children leaving home, or nearing retirement. When is the last time you reviewed your insurance, even if it is simply to remind yourself what it covers?Looking for insurance advice? Give the team at Lambert Group Future Planning a call on (07) 3010 3410.

Insurance can help make a bleak future brighter
An insurance policy is a promise that sits in your bottom drawer; hopefully you never need to call on that promise. However; as this Lambert Group client story shows, when you do need to make that call, it can help make a difference to what might otherwise be a bleak unknown future.

If you are not sure if you have enough insurance cover give us a call and let’s go through it together.

*All of these cases are clients of Lambert Group with some names and locations changed to protect the individual client’s privacy.